FEBRUARY 4th, 2020

Alan Brown is the founder and director of the Alan Brown Gallery. One of the foremost sources for modern and contemporary works of art, Alan Brown Gallery advises corporate and private clients, as well as estates, on the sale, purchase, appraisal, and care of important works of art.

Under the direction of Alan Brown for over 30 years, the gallery has established connections within the international art market and is able to provide clients access to works of art available worldwide.

During ART Focus Alan Brown will discuss his extensive experience in the art world as well as his many years of involvement with Naples Art as a consultant and lender to exhibitions.

JANUARY 7th, 2020

John Loscuito is the Florida Gulf Coast University Art Gallery Director. During his six years at FGCU he has curated over eighteen exhibitions featuring nationally recognized artists that explore a broad range of themes and materials.
$10 at the door. Coffee & Danish will be served.

NOVEMBER 19th, 2019

Penelope Breen is a black & white photographer who always wanted to be a filmmaker. At the age of fifteen she saw the movie The Manchurian Candidate and her life forever changed. Films became something more to her. Penelope saw compositions, tones of black and white and thematic purpose. Photography provides a way to see the world cinematically. She has been photographing for the last forty years and travels extensively for her work.

For the last seven years Breen has been working on the notion of thematic purpose within the structure of a photographic project. She explores a set of ideas and photographs scenes with and without people. A statement accompanies each project, which enables the viewer to have an understanding of her intentions. Invariably, film continues to influence her work.

Breen was born in Oklahoma where she attended the University of Oklahoma. She lived in New Jersey for forty-five years and continued her schooling at a local community college and Montclair State University. She now resides in Florida where she belongs to many local art associations as well as the National Association of Women Artists. She has received numerous awards for her photography in both New Jersey and Florida.

Penelope Breen will discuss her travels as a photographer and the inspiration behind work in the current exhibition Narrative Interplay: The Photographic Images of Penelope Breen.

Cost $10 at the door, Coffee and refreshments will be served

OCTOBER 22nd, 2019

Larry Zywica is a Naples-based contemporary artist who creates artwork in series. He categories his work into two distinct types. The first type he refers to as Experimental Work. It is fun and free form. The second type is more structured and focuses on social issue.

FLOWMOTION is his recent series of experimental work. The environmentally friendly kinetic work is constructed from recycle materials. Each piece involves a combination of shapes suspended from the ceiling or a pool cage. The shapes move independently or in unison and are playful interpretations of animals in the sky and water. A solo exhibition of FLOWMOTION artwork was held in New York at the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in September of this year.

In his other works Zywica takes a more serious look at the world and addresses wide-ranging social issues including homelessness, war, abortion, hunger, alcohol abuse and tobacco use. Before creating his series on homelessness, Zywica chose to educate himself on the subject by leaving his own home for several days and nights to join homeless men and women on the streets of Chicago.

Zywica earned a Master of Arts Degree in Invention and Creativity from Governors State University in Park Forest South, Illinois and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Saint Xavier University in Chicago. Teaching art and creativity has been a lifelong endeavor for him. In 1974 he taught art and chaired the art department of a Chicago high school. A year later he started teaching art to adults at Moraine Valley Community College before going on to teach at the Beverly Arts Center of Chicago, Chesterton Art Center in Indiana and then for Naples Art from 2000 to 2007.

“Throughout my artistic career I have been driven by the excitement of experimentation and a need to highlight social conditions. From my earliest endeavors I found that picking a specific subject, using a new media and or material and working in a massive series was how I could achieve the best results.”
-Larry Zywica


ART Focus presentations focus on art. A variety of presentations are made by exhibiting artists, collectors, art professionals and exhibition jurors.

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