Award Winners

Artists that participate in exhibitions will have the opportunity to win awards based on a variety of criteria. Please join us on congratulating the following exhibition winners!

The National Art Encounter Exhibition
On View Dates:  December 1, 2018 – January 12, 2019

Best of Show $1,000: Maria Holstein of Newberry, Florida for Cooper

First Place $800: Reina Castellanos of Orlando, Florida for 3:59 (STATIC NOISE)

Second Place $600: Edward Rushton of Statesboro, Georgia for Spurious Nationalism

Juror’s Choice Award $400: Morgan Paine of Naples, Florida for Shaper Base (for MM)

Award of Merit $ 200: Yourden Ricardo of Naples, Florida for Wet Dreams

Award of Merit $ 200: Anita Seltzer of Palm Beach, Florida for Bradley Park – Hidden in Full View

Honorable Mention $100: Kyle Surges of Lockport, Illinois for Jailhouse Rock

Honorable Mention $100: Dan Kirchhefer of Topeka, Kansas for Me as Holbein’s Dead Christ

Honorable Mention $100: Michelle Nunes of Reseda, California for One Nude

The 2018 Your Choice Exhibition
On View Dates:   August 13 – September 19, 2018

Best of Show $500 – Hilda Champion for Abyss

First Place (tied) $125 – Joel Shapses for Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny

First Place (tied) $125
Judy Thompson for A Perfect Place to Perch

Second Place $150
Valerie Weilmuenster for Marks in Motion

Honorable Mention $50
Linda M. Butler for Waiting for Sun

Honorable Mention $50
Linda Sutton for Time in a Bottle

Exhibition: Camera USA® 2018: National Photography Exhibition
On View Dates: June 4 – August 3, 2018

National Photography Award Winner $5,000
Christer Berg of Raleigh, North Carolina for Dewayne Beamon, Boxer

Honorable Mention $100
Constance Brinkley of Seattle, Washington for Celebrating Life

Honorable Mention $100
Ron Cooper of Englewood, Colorado for Joaquin

Honorable Mention $100
Lisette Morales of Naples, Florida for Margarita Claro

Honorable Mention $100
Wendy Roussin of Starkville, Mississippi for Badlands, Series

Camera USA® 2018: Honorable Mention $100
Ben Tanzer of Austin, Texas for The Boxer