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Supply Lists

Click on the instructor name/class below to download the class supply list.


Angela Anderson – Drawing with Graphite

Angela Anderson – Painting with Oils

Angela Anderson – Palette Knife

Angela Anderson – Drawing Color

Ann Sullivan – Beginners Oils and Learning Color

Ann Sullivan – Paint Naples and the Basics of Color

Anne Chaddock – Int Adv Oil

Anne Chaddock – Int Adv Watercolor

Brigitte Keller- Experimental Painting & Collage

Charles Pompilius – Painting Sea & Land in Watercolor

Charles Pompilius – Drawing As Thinking

Charles Pompilius – Drawing Portrait Traditional

Charles Pompilius – Freedom of Watercolor

Charles Pompilius – Nuts & Bolts of Portrait Painting

Charles Pompilius – Painting With Pastel

Charles Pompilius – Pastel Watercolor

Charles Pompilius – Portrait Drawing

Christine Otis – Art Equation of Painting Geometry

Christine Otis – Painting in Primary Colors

Christine Otis – Reverse Painting on Glass

Diane Reed Eiler – 15 Shades of Grey Oil and Acrylic

Diane Reed Eiler – 15 Shades of Grey Watercolor

Diane Reed Eiler – Oil and Acrylic Painting

Diane Reed Eiler- Watercolor Mixed Media

Genie Kell – Abstract Only

Genie Kell – Beginning Watercolor

Genie Kell – Building Art Up and Out

Genie Kell – Elements of Arting

Genie Kell – Int Adv Watercolor

Genie Kell – Painting From Your Photos

Genie Kell – Portrait Drawing

Genie Kell – Principles of Arting

Genie Kell – Watercolor Goes Abstract

Genie Kell – You and Modern Art

Genie Kell – You + Life = Art

Jose Castillo – Portraits Human Figure and More

Linda Chambers – Pastel for Everyone

Madeline Sugerman – Cold Wax

Madeline Sugerman – Engraven Imagery

Marjorie Pesek – Collage Portrait

Rich Faber – Drawing In Ink

Richard Kirk – Adv Oil and Acrylic

Richard Kirk – Portraits From Your Photos

Richard Kirk – Beg Painting Oil & Acrylic – Color

Richard Kirk – Beg Painting Oil & Acrylic – Fundamentals

Richard Kirk – Beginning Drawing

Rosemarie Kirk – Exploring Watercolor

Sandee Kozlow – Abstract Mixed Media

Sue Daly – Watercolor En Plein Air