Narrative Interplay: The Photographic Images of Penelope Breen

Narrative Interplay: The Photographic Images of Penelope Breen. Her black and white photographs resemble film stills and visual narrative is essential in her photography. She often includes blurred movement to engage the viewer, create mystery and build anticipation. Mon-Sat 10am – 4pm at Naples Art Association, 585 Park Street, Naples.

Penelope Breen is a black & white photographer who always wanted to be a filmmaker. At the age of fifteen she saw the movie The Manchurian Candidate and her life forever changed. Films became something more to her. Penelope saw compositions, tones of black and white and thematic purpose. Photography provides a way to see the world cinematically. She has been photographing for the last forty years and travels extensively for her work.

For the last seven years Breen has been working on the notion of thematic purpose within the structure of a photographic project. She explores a set of ideas and photographs scenes with and without people. A statement accompanies each project, which enables the viewer to have an understanding of her intentions. Invariably, film continues to influence her work.

Breen was born in Oklahoma where she attended the University of Oklahoma. She lived in New Jersey for forty-five years and continued her schooling at a local community college and
Montclair State University. She now resides in Florida where she belongs to many local art associations as well as the National Association of Women Artists. She has received numerous awards for her photography in both New Jersey and Florida.

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