The arts are a major force driving the development of our cultural legacy, educational success and economic development. Art enrichment is no longer a luxury, rather, art enrichment is essential to developing creative thinkers who can solve the problems of tomorrow and develop new ideas and methods to build the future. Art integration lubricates the mind to take on the unknown or misunderstood by freeing us to see things from a different angle. Programming provided by Naples Art will continue to enrich our lives and expands our view of the world. Your support ensures future generations the ability to Imagine, Discover and Create.

5 For the Arts Society

The 5 for the Arts Society is a special circle of arts-minded individuals that will be dedicated to providing core financial support to Naples Art as it grants a home and resources to our youth and aging populations, persons with special needs, and local artists. Each generous individual who commits to being a member of the 5 for the Arts Society will gift a tax-deductible amount of $500 or more for each of the next 5 years.


Fund a Need

Help us bring the gift of art to as many Collier County children as we can. Your donations go a long way:

  • An Outreach Programming donation of $50 funds an instructor to teach a 2-hour class including all supplies.
  • A $100 ARTScool Supplies donation purchases a variety of art supplies that will cover one weeks’ worth of materials needed for 10 children!
  • An ARTScool Scholarship of $250 provides a student with tuition for an entire week of morning and afternoon class sessions and art supplies.

Planned Giving

Imagine your grandchild taking an art class in the same studio where you mastered watercolor techniques.

Discover how a planned gift can be tailored to meet your needs as well as those of Naples Art.

Create your legacy today.

We have been your artistic outlet throughout your life; help ensure that we are here for your children and grandchildren. A monthly gift to our annual appeal allows us to continue to serve as the artistic hub of our community. A planned gift will allow you to make a larger gift than you thought possible to Naples Art  while protecting your quality of life and your ability to provide for your family.


Legacy Pavers

Naples Art offers you a unique way to support arts, honor a family member, or proudly display your company’s logo through its Legacy Paver Program. Pavers greet guests walking to the front entrance to the von Liebig Art Center. Proceeds from the Legacy Pavers Program help support the nonprofit mission and ensure the advancement of the arts for years to come.


Muse Donor

For past donors, you may have noticed a new structure of gifting levels to Naples Art . Our three previous levels – Supporter, Supporter Plus and Ambassador – are being replaced with one new level, Muse Donor, which will be an annual donation of $150. This change is a result of the tremendous growth within the Naples community and the potential impact.

As we are now, poised to grow and reach new heights, we understand how essential it is to transition from a membership base towards a donor base that is truly invested in our ongoing success. We hope you’ll want to be a part of an organization you love and value, one that brings a wealth of arts experiences to you and your community, and one which will – with your help – be able to do so for many years to come.