Paul V. Gower

I have worked and experimented in a number of mediums and
disciplines – painting, sculpture, ceramics, print making. My love of
the drawn line has taken me in many directions. It always brings me
back to creating works incorporating predominantly traditional drawing mediums.

My artwork is mixed media – Oil pastel, Charcoal and Graphite works on paper or canvas. These mediums give me the line(s) I desire and using gestural mark making create shapes and forms suggestive of the human form. And, as each piece evolves with the use of Oil pastels I can incorporate and develop a
more in-depth painterly aspect into my work.

Any and all mediums are prone to making “marks”. I approach each work with a desire to allow for randomness and intuition. Broken down to the basics – form, color and texture comprise a final work. Personal experiences have become compelling issues driving me to try to express a human presence

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