Naples Art welcomes visitors to an exciting and varied schedule of exhibitions throughout the year. Each  has a special focus, with artists sharing their unique styles and stories. Art appreciators of all tastes, ages, and levels of sophistication find plenty of food for thought and conversation in galleries filled with interesting, inspiring – and sometimes challenging – art by international, national, and local artists.
In addition to our Naples Art galleries at , we host off-site exhibitions in the community. All galleries are free and open to the public year ‘round. (Of course, donations are ALWAYS welcome and appreciated.)

We’re committed to showing:

  • A variety of exhibitions from local, national and international artists in many media.
  • Educational content that inspires, challenges, excites, and  fascinates.
  • Artistic merit through juried and professionally curated exhibitions.
  • Career growth support,  exhibition opportunities, and continuing training for artists.
  • Recognizing and rewarding artistic excellence.

Current Exhibitions

Award Winners