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The Naples Art Association welcomes visitors to a variety of exhibitions throughout the year. Each show has its own focus, sharing unique stories and facts about artists, their style and the context of contemporary artwork. Art appreciators will find our galleries filled with art by international, national and local artists, young artists, new art trends, community partnerships and much more.

In addition to the galleries at the art center, the NAA has a variety of off-site exhibitions in the community. All of the galleries are free and open to the public year round.

We’re committed to showing:

A variety of exhibitions from local, national and international artists, inspired by photography, painting, sculpture and more.

Educational Merit as a resource on contemporary art, art history and techniques.
Artistic Merit through juried and professionally curated exhibitions.
Career growth support in the form of exhibition opportunities for artists (including how to enter a juried show, marketing and branding, setting prices, etc.)
Pride in NAA artists’ dreams and accomplishments.
Recognition of excellence through awards and publicity.

Current Exhibitions

Celebrating Light

When: October 31  -December 1, 2018
Where:  The Naples Art Association

See how dramatic and other light effects impact how we view art.

Naples Art Association Faculty Biennial 2018

When:  November 10 – 24, 2018
Where:  The Naples Art Association

During each even numbered year the Naples Art Association highlights the work of its talented faculty instructors. NAA Instructors have a wealth of knowledge in the visual arts and the ability to educate and encourage artists of all ages and skill levels. The exhibition will be installed on the first and second levels in the Frederick O. Watson, Elizabeth & William Barrick, Millicent & Charles Marshall, Elizabeth & Alan Harris, John H. & Lucile Harris Foundation and Minnesota Lobby galleries.

National Art Encounter 2018-19

When:  December 1, 2018 – January 12, 2019
Where:  The Naples Art Association

The Naples Art Association initiated Art Encounter in 1983. The exhibition serves as a platform on which Florida artists share the spotlight with their peers at the national level. For artists from outside Florida, the exhibition provides an opportunity for them to demonstrate their success.

Morris Herstein: A Fusion of Fotos Traveling Exhibition

When:  November 14, 2018 – January 21, 2019
Where:  The Exhibition Hall at North Collier Regional Park, located at 15000 Livingston Road in Naples

From scientist and cosmetic product developer to photographer, see how Morris transformed one art form into another. The Exhibition Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission is free.


Partner Organization Exhibitions

The NAA is a proud host of the SWFL Wax organization. Click here for exhibition information.


See our full schedule of exhibitions!


Calling all artists! If you’re looking for ways to get your art in front of a new audience and increase recognition, we invite you to participate in some of the many showcase opportunities we have throughout the year. From our renowned, annual Art in the Park event, to shows, exhibits and community events, there are numerous ways to gain exposure within the Naples community and with visitors to the region.

Get your art in front of a new audience!

Award Winners

Artists that participate in exhibitions will have the opportunity to win awards based on a variety of criteria. Please join us on congratulating the 2017 – 2018 exhibition winners!


The 2018 Your Choice Exhibition
On View Dates:   August 13 – September 19, 2018

Best of Show $500 – Hilda Champion for Abyss

First Place (tied) $125 – Joel Shapses for Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny

First Place (tied) $125
Judy Thompson for A Perfect Place to Perch

Second Place $150
Valerie Weilmuenster for Marks in Motion

Honorable Mention $50
Linda M. Butler for Waiting for Sun

Honorable Mention $50
Linda Sutton for Time in a Bottle

Exhibition: Camera USA® 2018: National Photography Exhibition
On View Dates: June 4 – August 3, 2018

National Photography Award Winner $5,000
Christer Berg of Raleigh, North Carolina for Dewayne Beamon, Boxer

Honorable Mention $100
Constance Brinkley of Seattle, Washington for Celebrating Life

Honorable Mention $100
Ron Cooper of Englewood, Colorado for Joaquin

Honorable Mention $100
Lisette Morales of Naples, Florida for Margarita Claro

Honorable Mention $100
Wendy Roussin of Starkville, Mississippi for Badlands, Series

Camera USA® 2018: Honorable Mention $100
Ben Tanzer of Austin, Texas for The Boxer

Exhibition: A Splash of Blue
On View Dates: October 10 – November 2, 2017

Best of Show $100
Joan Roberts for Blue, acylic on canvas

First Place $75
Ara Lou Panutsos for Copenhagen Reflection, cut paper

Second Place $50
Cynthia Taft for Misty Morning in Maine, photograph

Honorable Mention $25
Margaret Lindmark for Lady from Ecuador, pastel

Exhibition: Animals: Fact and Fable
On View Dates: November 11, 2017 – January 27, 2018

Best of Show $100
Nancy Smythe for HRM Young Henry of Febbodom, oil on canvas

First Place $75
Scott Brown for The Polar Vortex, pastel

Second Place $50
Ann Aiken for Red Cat, acrylic

Honorable Mention $25
Cynthia Taft for Last Salute, photograph

Exhibition: Telling A Story: Narrative Art
On View Dates: December 2, 2017 – January 7, 2018

Best of Show $500
Harry Sangerman for Your Move, acrylic on canvas

First Place $250
Penelope Breen for Fragmentation, photograph

Second Place $200
Daniel K. Jensen for Lone Ranger Crossing the Alps, oil on gold on canvas

Award of Merit $150
Joan Brechin Sonnenberg for Allegory, mixed media: charcoal, pastel

Honorable Mention $100
Pat Kumicich for Irma Packs a Punch, mixed media

Honorable Mention $100
Andrea Beloff for Finding Peace at Last, handmade paper collage

Honorable Mention $100
Reneé C. Harp for Mile Marker, mixed media on wood

Exhibition: The Great Outdoors
On View Dates: November 8, 2017 – January 1, 2018

Best of Show $100
Robert Gagauf for After Irma, oil on canvas

First Place $75
Ruth Epstein for Miriam’s Garden, oil on canvas

Second Place $50
Karen E. Harris for Cypress Woods, alchol inks on paper

Honorable Mention $25
Nic Provenzo for Step Falls Watkins Glen, digital print

Exhibition: The 52nd Founders Juried Awards
On View Dates: February 24 – March 25, 3018

Best of Show $1,000
Lee Andre for Plight of the Key Deer, charcoal on panel

First Place Award $800
Alberto Carol for Rings of Smoke: Rrose Selavy Old, acrylic on canvas

Second Place Award $600
Thomas Rebek for Pull Me, watercolor on paper

Jurors’ Choice Award $400
Erika Pochybova for Portrait of @, acrylic on canvas

Award of Merit $200
Joseph Marmo for River of Tears, oil on canvas

Award of Merit $200
Chippie Kennedy for Gaea, clay (for plaster or bronze)

Honorable Mention $100
Alexander Gray for Mouth of the Tye River, woodcut

Honorable Mention $100
Gina Coccaro for Homage to van Gogh’s Wheat Fields, salvaged steel

Honorable Mention $100
Guy Bell for Color Study in Orange and Blue, oil on canvas

Exhibition: Tiny Art
On View Dates: February 28 – March 17, 2018

Best of Show $100
Nancy Smythe for Twilight Rivalry, oil

First Place $75
Ara Lou Panutsos for Abandoned on Lookout, cut paper

Second Place $50
Joel Shapses for A Mother’s Love, alabaster sculpture

Honorable Mention $25
Christopher Ludwig for Grace, acrylic

Exhibition: All Things Florida
On View Dates: March 28 – May 29, 2018

Best of Show $100
Patricia Kennedy Flock for Goin’ to Naples, oil on canvas

First Place $75
Tanya Trinkaus Glass for Jungle on the Edge, pastel

Second Place $50
Ara Lou Panutsos for Off Season, cut paper on canvas

Honorable Mention $25
Linda Sutton for Paradise Lost, oil on canvas

Exhibition: The 47th Annual Jade N. Riedel Scholarship Competition
On View Dates: April 7 – 18, 2018

Four-Year Ringling College of Art and Design Scholarship with a total value of $20,000
Patricia-Faith M. Ferretti for Einstein, acrylic on canvas

Four-Year Ringling College of Art and Design Scholarship with a total value of $20,000
Allison Wright for Duality, digitally altered photograph

$5,000 Naples Art Association Scholarship
Lindsey Martinez for Benny and Me, graphite on paper

$2,500 Naples Art Association Scholarship
Tiffany Shadden for Reflection of a Dream State, digital art

$2,000 Naples Woman’s Club Scholarship for Art Supplies
Olivia Clubley for Peanut Butter & Jelly, mixed media

$2,000 Naples Woman’s Club Scholarship for Art Supplies
Mia Hayes for The Premature Burial, pen and ink

$1,000 Naples Art Association Scholarship
Vanessa Scott for Sloth, mixed media

$1,000 Naples Art Association Scholarship
Alyssa Rausch for Pink Tide, ceramic

$500 Naples Art Association Scholarship
Alysia Turke for Pride, mixed media